• It's about finding the Luxury Shops and Brands in Barcelona

  • Se trata de encontrar las tiendas de lujo y de marcas en Barcelona

  • It's about finding the Luxury Toys in Barcelona

  • Se trata de encontrar los "Juguetes para los muchachos' en Barcelona

  • It's about finding the best hotels of Barcelona

  • Se trata de encontrar los mejores hoteles de Barcelona

  • It's about finding the glamour hotspots of Barcelona

  • Se trata de encontrar los lugares glamour de Barcelona

True luxury in life is friendship, happiness and love. Nevertheless certain quality products also do have a certain effect on people. That’s where LXRY Barcelona is all about! A luxury lifestyle magazine about quality products for quality people. LXRY Barcelona is a digital magazine with an eye on the world of luxury in Barcelona. LXRY Barcelona offers titillating stories with a golden touch for the ultimate luxury experience without any compromise. Enjoy exclusivity and opulence. Fashion and beauty, gadgets, trends and gastronomy. LXRY Barcelona living, mobility, sports, travel and wellness. All about quality products for quality people. Start your Luxury Shopping Barcelona here!

LXRY Barcelona… your guide to luxury in Barcelona!

LXRY Barcelona, as the name might suggest, also tends to be a guide to the luxury lifestyle in the Barcelona area. Therefore it is about finding Luxury in Barcelona. Here you can find your way to the luxury hotspots of the city like hotels and clubs as well as the exclusive shops and brands that matters. A convenient Luxury List so to speak of the fashion capitol of Spain.

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If you are looking for a fine five star hotel or some Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Louboutin, Audemars Picquet or Rolex shops or products in Barcelona, or where to buy your new Ferrari in the city, this is the convenient starting point for your search. Even if you are only looking for a fine SPA, a top hairdresser or beauty salon. This is the place to start your search. Luxury Shopping Barcelona is hot.

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Although the site is a guide to the luxury destinations of Barcelona, a large section contains a Luxury and Lifestyle related Blog. Here visitors can read articles about new products and services in this specific niche segment. So your Luxury Shopping Barcelona starts already at home!

Barcelona luxury living

The site is not only practical for the visitors of the city, but also for its inhabitants. Therefore Barcelona is not only worth visiting, it’s definitely worth staying as well. The city offers beautiful residencies to live in. Exclusive real estate in high-end neighborhoods. Houses with pools, gardens and private terraces, suited to families looking for a private, secure and international neighborhood to live in with International Schools at the doorstep, Barcelona has it. Enjoy the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Barcelona!

Barcelona has it all!

From a Billionaire Marina to the golden mile of luxury shopping at one of the 10 most beautiful avenues in the world, the Passeo de Gracia. A sparkling beach life and a glamorous nightlife. And a city with a cultural heritage of stunning architectural beauty, Barcelona definitely has got is all! So stop reading and Visit Barcelona and check out Barcelona Turisme! For more formal information check the official website for Barcelona.

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