Luxury in life is more than the essentials friendship, happiness and love. Some even go as far as to say, luxury is when you can affort an excess of life what you don’t need but want for pleasure only. Nevertheless there are many more subjective interpretations on the meaning of luxury. And in fact any meaning can change over time, as did the meaning of luxury.

For those who came to enjoy exclusivity and opulence, fashion and beauty, gadgets and gastronomy, or even sinful plaisure… Barcelona has it all.

LXRY Barcelona has an eye on the world of luxury in Barcelona. 

LXRY Barcelona… a tourguide to the roots of luxury in Barcelona!

LXRY Barcelona, as the name might suggest, is about finding the roots of Luxury in Barcelona. Here you can find your way to the luxury hotspots of the city like hotels and clubs as well as the exclusive shops and brands that matters. A convenient Luxury List so to speak of the fashion capitol of Spain.

Barcelona has it all!

From a Billionaire Marina to the golden mile of luxury shopping on one of the 10 most beautiful avenues in the world, the Passeo de Gracia. And a sparkling beach life and a glamorous nightlife are part of the luxury package of Barcelona. A city with a cultural heritage of stunning architectural beauty, Barcelona definitely has it all!