One of the first things to consider before you arrive in Barcelona is how are you going to get to where you need to go. There are several varieties of transportation services. Driving can be incredibly time consuming, but with your own chauffeur, you get all of those precious hours back. Whilst being driven from A to B by a chauffeur there is no need for you to concentrate on the road and you are free to maximise your time by making phone calls, reading, checking emails or catching up with a bit of work. Alternatively, you may wish to simply relax or grab a quick power nap on the move!

Enjoy your leisure time more than ever and travel in the greatest comfort and style. Blai Limousines offers chauffeur-driven transport, providing you with a faultless vehicle, preferential attention and a refined service. Relax and let Blai Limousines take care of you while you enjoy the luxury and make the most of your moments of leisure. A cultural tour, a day’s shopping, going out to dinner or a getaway to the outskirts of Barcelona… only you know where you want to go.

Your personal chauffeurs will do their utmost to ensure your expectations are met. You can let yourself be guided by Blai Limousines recommendations or, if you prefer, put together your own itinerary. Whatever your schedule or destination, Blai Limousines will meet your most exacting requirements.

Maresme, 111-113 – Barcelona

Image source – Blai Limousines