As it does for most years, the brand added to its automotive-influenced Breitling for Bentley collection. For more than 12 years, a partnership between a creator of fine timepieces and a creator of fine automobiles has produced some of the more visually enticing wristwear the world has seen, and another new creation from their collaboration has been introduced. The original Breitling for Bentley B06 had a massive 49-mm case, the new “S” version has been stripped down to a modest 44-mm in diameter, still on the large side, but possibly a more elegant fit for many wrists. The scalloped design on the bezel, a tribute to the famous Bentley grilles, is represented by the embossed decoration on the black or silver dial.

Like the Bentley automobiles that it imulates, the appeal of the B06 S lies not just in its chassis but in its engine. The watch’s automatic movement, Breitling B06 caliber, entirely designed and developed in the Breitling workshops Chronometrie and officially certified chronometer, has an ingenious 30-second chronograph system. The movement holds up to 70 hours of power reserve.

The system is inspired by a Breitling patent from 1926, thereby providing highly accurate readings are guaranteed in 1/8th second. Another world-exclusive feature is the variable tachometer with a rotating ring that is used to calculate the average speed, whatever the time elapsed, the distance covered or the speed reached.

The Breitling Bentley B06 S is available in steel or red gold, and comes with a choice of a bracelet or a strap in leather, crocodile or rubber with a central raised pattern matching the bezel.


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