No matter what the season is, we wear sunglasses, and more precise Chanel Sunglasses. They not only protect us from the summer sun and winter wind, but also are an indispensable fashion accessory, which reflects your style. We are very excited about these Chanel sunglasses, and we are obviously not the only one.

After she worked the catwalk a few times in modern clothes of the brand, model Charlotte Free once again collaborated with Chanel. This distinctive model with pink hair by which she is recognized, is the new face of the Chanel brand for their campaign eyewear autumn/winter 2014. Karl Lagerfeld did the photographs of Charlotte posing with sunglasses while wearing a pink outfit. Chanel sunglasses! Beside her is the famous Chanel tweed, which is in a way main characteristic of the brand, in addition to their great logo. Young and interesting model perfectly presented new models of sunglasses that have already enchanted many fans of the brand with her simple beauty.

Chanel Sunglasses indispensable and luxury fashion accessories, which reflects your style. New models of glasses that have already enchanted many new fans. Characteristic for the Chanel sunglasses are it’s recognizable style and elegance.

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