Eccentric British fashion designer Charlotte Olympia, presented a collection-segment intended for Valentine’s Day…
In the heart of the collection presented by this time there is a heart – everywhere – decorating shoes, boots, flat shoes and handbags.
Charlotte wanted to repay the passion in winter fashion for Valentine’s Day and every other day. Made of black velvet and decorated with red leather hearts, her Love Betsy boots have gold spikes and high heel.
Love Pandora is transparent modern clutch pouch, which is placed in the Perspex box, and presents you even more love with its red buckle in the shape of a heart. It is large enough to contain your daily necessities. All you have to insert in it shall be protected by red velvet.
Head Over Heels are sandals with high platforms. They are decorated with plush hearts in different shades of red, and you can connect two hearts with delicate leather straps. The platform is decorated in heart shaped applications.
Cupid is another beautiful clutch that is presented as a romantic bouquet of pink and red hearts. It is ideal for Valentine’s Day and will certainly attract Cupid’s arrows that day.
Sole Mates is your soul mate in the fashion world. They are made of black velvet with elegant details in the form of red hearts on the toes and heel. They have a high heel and golden spines.

You will find Charlotte Olympia products at the Santa Eulalia shop in Barcelona.



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