The View from Above

If you want to see places up above the sky for pleasure, a helicopter rental can help you do this. The prospect of Barcelona from the sky is, of course, spectacular. If you want to get some aerial photography a helicopter rental is an efficient means to do this.

Helicopters are known for their versatility and their elegance. Patterned after one of nature’s own wonderful flying machines, the hummingbird, the helicopter is a wonder of the modern age. Never before has a machine been able to switch between hovering over one spot into a rapid change of motion in another direction with effortless ease. They have allowed mankind to experience the world around him in a whole new level of detail, allowing for new perspective when it comes to dealing with our natural world. For the first time, humans can experience the true three-dimensional splendor of the world from a bird’s eye view as if they were riding on the back of the bird itself.

For spectacular helicopter tours in barcelona you have to be at Cathelicopters S.L. which is a commercial helicopter company, founded in 2000 and opened in 2004 to provide Helicopter Tours. Located in the Heliport Port Authority of Barcelona (LEPB), at a strategic location in the city.
Since their inception they have displaced more than 160,000 passengers, making flights a la carte, scenic flights over Barcelona, ​​scenic flights to Montserrat, along the coast, transfers to Andorra, the Montmelo circuit and all other kinds of helicopter services.

This has to be the most perfect travel option for couples who want to enjoy a romantic flight over the city, or for those just looking to treat themselves to an unforgettable experience.

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