Publishing Plans

LXRY Barcelona brings the luxury experience to its readers. We do this in a distinct visual way. Developing a loyal community of readers and followers who are seeking stories that trigger their sense of perception. Our editorial department brings every day relevant content with high-profile articles. Beyond that LXRY Barcelona has some very interesting publishing plans to choose from. 

LXRY Barcelona – the luxury platform for the Barcelona Metropolitan area:

How to publish in the Luxury Blog

LXRY Barcelona is building a digital community around its online magazine. LXRY Barcelona therefore offers some very interesting publishing opportunities in a unique online luxury platform, which consists of 3 smart sections. First it consists a Luxury Blog, second a special Wannahaves section and third a convenient Luxury List which in time can be used as a luxury guide. Please take a closer look at it! 

  1. A lifestyle blog about new high-end brand products, services and other relevant news in the luxury niche. Aiming to provide an inspirational online magazine in all areas of luxury, like Fashion & Beauty, Interior & Design and much more. Visitors can find here the most exclusive Jewels & Watches, the finest Hotels in Travel & Experience with fantastic Restaurants and Food products at the unique hotspots within the area, and much more.
  1. A special Luxury Wannahaves section. This premium selection shows the most wanted luxury Must Haves available in the area. Only the most exclusive Brand Products will be listed here. A highly commercial promotional platform for new products to be listed on.
  1. The Luxury List is a list of exclusive shops, hotels, clubs, restaurants, spa’s, beauty salons, hairdressers and much more in the Barcelona area. A comprehensive luxury guide to the luxury spots, brands and shops in Barcelona! The perfect promotion spot for every respected retailer to be on.

Target Group:

LXRY Barcelona is aimed at a very special niche group of modern, wealthy, educated, professional woman and men in that area or planning to go there. The target group is roughly between the ages of 30 and 60 and able to afford a certain degree of luxury. People who are into class and style, who have an eye for detail and choose for quality of life.

Mission Statement:

LXRY Barcelona distinguishes itself from its competitors by providing a niche platform for high-end lifestyles. It focuses on the latest trends, new exclusive products and services, and especially where to find it in the Barcelona area. It is planning to grow out to the ultimate high-level luxury guide for this area.

LXRY Barcelona partner programs:

LXRY Barcelona is looking for long term partner commitments, where we aim to be the extension of the communication and marketing of a particular brand. True commitments for a positive result. LXRY Barcelona partners can use our digital platform to reach their target audience in a stylish and consistent manner. Please check out the publishing plans!

Publishing plans and opportunities:

Option 1. Listing on the Luxury List

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Option 2. Basic member article

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Option 3. Product sponsoring in the Wannahaves section  

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Option 4. Sponsored Articles for members

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Option 5. Sponsored Reviews for members 

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Option 6. Promotion links and other paid options in website content!  

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Technical data and formats:

All text content must be in Word format. All photo content in JPG format in publishing size with a maximum resolution of 72 dpi for web publishing. Client or their PR agency takes full responsibility for the quality of the content and on time delivery in case of paid publishing.

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