The restaurant, which is overseen by the Roca brothers, Josep and Jordi, has been awarded one Michelin star and two Suns in the Repsol Guide. Roca Moo Restaurant brings you chef Juan Pretels’ own highly individual take on signature cuisine. In addition to the à la carte menu, Roca Moo Restaurant also has two tasting and wine-pairing menus: the Joan Roca menu and the The Classics menu.

Audry Doré is the sommelier in charge of a spectacular wine list featuring more than 600 varieties. Roca Moo Restaurant is different. It is an open, functional space with a relaxed atmosphere where your cosmopolitan clients will be drawn to the top-quality cuisine.

You can also see the dishes being made and taste them at the new Roca Moo counter. The kitchen enters the dining room!

Roca Moo Restaurant

Rosselló 265 – Barcelona

Image source – Roca Moo Restaurant