If you’re looking for the perfect way to decorate your house and inspire a book-lover in your life or that of your partner, than these fashion, beauty and decoration volumes should definitely be on your shopping list. They are good for so much more than keeping glass stains off the coffee table. Each page is packed with decorating, accessories and fashion tips from celebrities and industry insiders. Whether you like a good self-help book, prefer a historical drama, or salivate over amazing photography, there will be something for everyone! Take a look at our selected range of Saint George’s day book tips.

The World of Gloria Vanderbilt by Wendy Goodman

While the images of Vanderbilt are stunning and glamorous, this coffee table book is more than just decoration. There is a heartfelt forward by Anderson Cooper, in which he describes his “mummy” as strong yet vulnerable. Goodman explores, with an array of photos and words, the private life and history of the Vanderbilt socialite.

Allure by Diana Vreeland

First published in the 1980s, Vreeland’s collection of photographs and musings has been reissued to include an introduction by Marc Jacobs. The book, which features portraits of Gertrude Stein, Marilyn Monroe and Josephine Baker, is a luscious look at what inspired the legendary Vogue editor.

Louis Vuitton 100 Legendary Trunks By Pierre-Leon Forte and Eric Pujalet-Plaa

Louis Vuitton has changed the way people look at luggage. The beautiful (and sometimes not-so practical) trunks showcased in this book depict the vibrant and innovative history of the Parisian-brand. Featuring containers for caviar and wine as well as ones for doll wardrobes and Play Station 2, this book is stuffed with bags we’d love to carry.

Artfully Modern by Richard Mishaan

Interior designer Richard Mishaan believes that all furniture and decorative accessories with inherently good form can be combined successfully regardless of style, period, or price. He creates exuberant, bold, glamorous spaces known for their masterful use of art that are nevertheless comfortable above all. In his work, every room is treated to at least one small luxury: bespoke embroidery on a wall covering, a shimmery midcentury Murano-glass chandelier, or a screen covered in wallpaper patterned like malachite.

Throughout, he weaves tips on how to live well in any size dwelling; full-color photography illustrates his ideas for truly personalizing spaces and for injecting areas devoted completely to comfort in every room.