Two decades ago the most important thing for a teenager was their trainers. Now it’s the brand covering their ears that matters. Walk through any semi-crowded area and you are bound to see several people with headphones in, on, or somewhere in between. Back in the day, music wasn’t portable. There was no way to carry around a band in your pocket. Now there is. People have taken this option. Now we listen to music far more then we used to, and much of it is through headphones. It is not “just headphones”, in fact they are so much more then that.

The B & O Play H6 headphones are a feat of innovative audio technology with a focus on a clear midrange.

The balanced bass and treble performance ensures this model achieves an authentic sound performance. They are expertly constructed from soft, strong leather with memory foam earpads that adapt to your individual shape and sleek aluminium for a robust yet lightweight feel.

Crafted to be secure on the head while distributing the pressure in the most comfortable way possible, this pair is an investment in astounding Danish design.

These are headphones that offer more than just sound, they’re offering a chance to own something that has design at its core.

B & O Play H6 – EURO 400

B & O
Travessera de Gràcia, Barcelona


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