Burch met someone who introduced her at Harper’s Bazaar in New York where she then went to work. And even though she did not study design or business, ultimately it’s all about networking! After Harper, Burch made the jump to Ralph Lauren as a copywriter, where she met Vera Wang. She went to work for Wang under the condition that she would be installed at the department of ready-to-wear.

Burch’s first major advertising gig was after Oprah interviewed her. This was due to the fact that her PR representative came up with the idea to send some of its accessories to Oprah as a special gift, and wanted to see what could happen. Burch was immediately asked for an exclusive interview. After the interview on Oprah’s, the website received over 8 million hits in less than 24 hours.

There are now more than 100 Tory Burch stores over the world, including locations in the United States, Paris and Asia.

One of the highlights in the pre-Fall 2014 collection is definitely the “white noise”. The patterns and colors (or lack thereof) do you think of white noise on TV. The black and white striped shoes are just icing on the cake.

burch-2Floral prints are again showing their pretty face in the collection. Though you may say just enough floral prints seen last summer season, this collection it is very subtle. The colors are stunning against the black and gray.

burch-5I’ll let you see only a small impression of next season so take a look for yourself at the Tory Burch website and be surprised and inspired!


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