Where to stay in Barcelona

Barcelona Turismo

Barcelona Turismo is really exploding! There are thousands of hotels, bed and breakfasts, hostels and apartments in Barcelona for every budget, where you can stay during your visit. An average room in a hotel costs between € 75 and € 130 per night, while a double room in a hostel or simple hotel (hostel) costs between € 40 and € 70 per night. Of course when you want to go all the way and make your stay unforgettable in Barcelona room rates starts above € 200 per night.

Fortunately there are many affordable locations where you can perfectly stay and enjoy the city. And for solo travelers and groups of young people, more and more hostels and youth hostels are available in Barcelona. But if you don’t have to count your pennies, there are a lot high exclusive five star hotels or glamorous boutique hotels to choose from, to make your stay in Barcelona as luxurious and comfortable as possible. It’s up to you! Or… Barcelona Turismo for every budget.

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W hotel at Barcelona beach

Looking for the best hotels Barcelona Turismo has to offer?

Planning a trip to Barcelona? As well as bringing you the best boutique hotels and stylish romantic retreats that Barcelona has to offer, we’ve put together a list of the most beautiful, exceptional, worth seeing and visiting hotels in Barcelona for a rememberable stay in the city. Every single one is James Bond worthy!

Note: Pictures in the banner are the Ohla hotel and the W-hotel in Barcelona!

Looking for a hotel, apartment or hostel?

The range of accommodations in Barcelona is very large and diverse. Who wants to stay in downtown Barcelona (near El Raval, Les Rambles, El Gothic Quarter, Sant Pere and El Born) may in relation to your rest, better choose for a room at the back side. It will be more silent than the front side. Unfortunately moreover, when you go back to your hotel at night, you always have to keep an eye on your handbag. Pickpockets find tourists an interesting target and come right to the narrow streets. The narrow streets can therefore be a little intimidating at night. But that is also the charm of Barcelona Turismo.

Barcelona Turismo Tip: choose the district of L’Eixample for a safe stay. Here you can stay in a central location but often a lot more quite than in the downtown area. In addition, the streets are fine to walk at night. It is also advisable to search a hotel near a metro station.

Royal Passeig de Gracia

Book a room in the Royal Passeig de Gracia hotel

It is more convenient to book a hotel before your departure to Barcelona. Below, you can already select what type of accommodation you are looking for:

Looking for a hotel?

There are many hotels in Barcelona, in all classes and for all tastes. Tourists would prefer a hotel in the downtown area, although a hotel in the district of Eixample or the sea is also certainly recommended. Prices starting range varies from € 50, – per room, to more than € 400, – per room per night. Of course, the difference is obvious! We made a special selection for you. Check them out here!

Looking for a Bed and Breakfast?

A Bed and Breakfast is the ideal solution for travelers who love small hotels where contact with the owner is appreciated. For most B & B’s you have to share the bathroom, although the luxury boutique B & B have a private bathroom and all kinds of other luxuries. A characteristic of the Barcelonean B & B is that breakfast is always included.

Looking for an apartment?

Apartments are ideal for longer stays or anyone who wants to be completely independent during his visit to Barcelona. If you are staying in a private apartment during your vacation, you will get to feel like you live in Barcelona. Definitely an attractive experience!

Looking for a hostel?

Slightly cheaper than a hotel but with all the facilities it, there are the ‘hostales’ or ‘pensiones’ in Barcelona. These hostels are everywhere. Most hostels are not very expensive and you can usually choose from a room with a private bathroom or a shared bathroom (which is cheaper). If you’re traveling alone or with a group of friends, the dormitories with bunk beds at youth hostels might be a good option, so the cost per berth is even lower. This is a worth considering option for students if you are ‘not yet’ into luxury!